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“The products we manufacture offer reimbursement by Medicare and most private pay insurances. Our products are an effective, conservative approach to relieving chronic back pain and treating common conditions of the lumbar spine.

For years we fit back braces through my durable medical equipment company – J and J Medical. We listened to the complaints by patients that their braces were uncomfortable, hot, confining, heavy and cumbersome, they didn’t move with the patient and were hard to put on. Many patients actually removed the rigid inserts to make the brace more comfortable but of course in doing so defeated the intended purpose of the brace itself. In the end the patients were not wearing them as their physician had envisioned. Compliance was a big issue. Many of our ordering physicians wanted to see something better for their patients.

As the DME, we found most braces were hard to fit, many requiring more than one fitting visit. Many had complicated pulley or other closure systems and some were just pure gimmicks. I knew there had to be a better way to provide bracing options that were comfortable and easier to fit. So we started Xback Bracing Services, working with leading physicians to design and manufacture better solutions – for patients, physicians and DME’s.”

Steve Lusky, President of Xback Bracing Services

Why Xback Braces?

• Back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the physician’s office, outnumbered only by upper-respiratory infections.
• Half of all working individuals admit to having back pain symptoms each year and back pain is one of the most common reasons for employee absenteeism and loss of productivity.
• Americans spend at least $60 billion each year on back pain; and that’s just for the more easily identified treatments-over the counter drugs, ineffective low cost “bracing” and other so called “cures”.

Why physicians prescribe them?

• Bracing can be an effective, non-invasive alternative to pharmacological treatments to relieve pain and facilitate healing and rehabilitation.
• Bracing is an economical conservative first approach to addressing back pain and many common back conditions.
• Xback braces are improving patient compliance resulting in better patient outcomes.
• Our braces are “Patient-Friendly” and easy to learn to use, thereby improving compliance.