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Xback TLSO

TLSO (Available for LS, Prolift, and Edge)

The Prolift TLSO is a unique one piece TLSO brace that immobilizes the wearer from the sacrococcygeal junction to above the T9 vertebra. Prolift TLSO was designed to give physicians an alternative to a hard sternal pad pushing on the patient’s chest which is very uncomfortable, especially for older patients.

The shoulder straps gently pull the patient into extension without using a hard pad, which increases the comfort of the brace and increases the potential for patient compliance.

The Prolift TLSO’s unique split front panel helps center the brace on the wearer’s abdomen while providing hydrostatic lift to help hold the weight of the abdomen off the wearer’s spine thus helping to decompress the vertebrae.

Anatomically pre-shaped posterior panel with compression straps anchored directly to the panel. As the wearer pulls the compression straps, the pre- shaped panel will mold to the wearers back regardless of their degree oflordosis.

Indications: Degenerative Disc Disease that causes Kyphosis, Scoliosis, Chronic and Acute Strain associated with Lumbar Instability, Mechanical Back Pain, Spinal Stenosis, Compression Fractures, Post-Surgical Stabilization

5 Year Warranty

We stand behind our back braces with a 5 year warranty. We're serious about providing you with the best products possible. This is a premium medical equipment supplier.

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