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Why wear an XBACK Posture CorreX?

Poor posture is the leading cause of neck, shoulder, and back pain. Improved posture will result in a decrease in pain and an improvement in your lifestyle and appearance.

The XBACK Posture CorreX is an effective way to correct postural defects of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine and to eliminate the problems associated with forward head and poor posture. Designed by a Sports Medicine physician, Posture CorreX it is easy to put on, cool and comfortable to wear, even all day, weighs only 14 ounces and will fit under most clothing.
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Why wear an XBACK LS (Lower Spine)?

90% of all individuals experience back pain and especially low or lumbar back pain in their lives at some point. For many, low back pain is a chronic condition.

The XBACK LS is an effective way to stabilize the lumbar spine allowing it to heal while reducing the pain. The LS restrict motion during those activities that may put strain on the lower back helping to prevent injury or reinjury. Designed by a orthopedic physician, LS is a one piece brace that provides support from the sacrum through the L1 vertebrae. Weighs only 16oz.
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