From Physicians

“What really sets these braces apart is the fact that they seem to move with the patient. The brace always stays in contact with the body, but patients still feel like they have some freedom of movement. In general, my patients who use Xback braces tend to wear their braces more consistently.”

Douglas S. Tase, MD, FAAOS, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

“Recently Xback Bracing asked me to provide them with my opinion of their braces. As an orthopedic surgeon, I have used many different braces over the past years. I found most to be hot and confining and not real easy to put on. When my supplier told me they wanted me to try a new brace, I was skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised after trying it on. It was light and easy to put on and neither hot nor confining. It didn’t make me feel completely immobilized. It gave me the support I felt my patients would need. I have used the Xback product for the past two years and my patients are very compliant and I have not heard the complaints I used to hear in the past. As a surgeon, I don’t need to worry about addressing these issues with the patients which allows me to deal with real problems. Xback has resolved that situation for me making my job a little simpler.”

John Stelmach, MD, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

“As a physician that sees patients with many sports injuries and spinal disorders, it is important to prescribe a brace that will be comfort able for my patients and one which they will wear. Too often in the past, my patients would come back to the office for follow up and tell me they won’t wear the brace I prescribed for them. Xback braces are much more comfortable than any I have used in the past and their service and response time is second to none. Their design seems to move with the patient and I no longer get the complaints about bracing I used to get. I would highly recommend these braces for anyone looking to treat spinal issues.”

Paul Marr, MD

From Patients and Distributors

“When my doctor said I needed a back brace, all I could imagine was how hot and confining that would be. But I was surprised. It was light, easy to put on, adjustable to my size and didn’t make me completely immobilized yet it gave me the support I needed and offered some long-awaited comfort.”

Lori, Owner on an ProLift TLSO™

“As an engineer by education, an inventor and machine operator by trade, I simply want to express a genuine compliment to your company for designing, manufacturing, and marketing such quality medical products. In a field often driven by pure profits, it’s obvious that your corporate philosophies revolve around making the world a better place with your products. A sincerely hats off and thanks.”

Steven Friedman, Owner of an XBack Brace

“Xback Bracing has been providing our company with state of the art orthopedic bracing products for over 4 years. They have and continue to provide on time delivery at six sigma level with zero defects. Their organization is constantly researching the latest technologies – to provide the most innovative products in the industry. I cannot say enough about the organization as a whole and its top notch team.”

Mark Edgerton, National Sales Manager, Analgesic Healthcare, Inc.