Tired of weak, poorly made braces?

Tired of overpriced, overrated braces?

Tired of bulky, confining braces?

So Were We.

High quality material. Easy to fit. Easy to use. 5 year warranty. Experience the Xback difference now.

Tired of overpriced, overrated braces?

So Were We.

High quality material. Easy to fit. Easy to use. 5 year warranty. Experience the Xback difference now.

Xback Braces are effective, comfortable, and affordable. Let us explain why they're right for you.

Support doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

Every Xback Brace is constructed with breathable, moisture-wicking materials to improve airflow, decrease weight and maximize comfort. Because Xback braces employ only a single layer of soft, breathable material along with the anatomically designed support panel with center cutout, our braces are thinner, lighter, cooler, less bulky and thus more comfortable to wear.
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What makes Xback Braces unique?

Our line of simply innovative braces are made from high quality material. They provide physicians and patients an effective approach to relieving chronic back pain and treating conditions of the lumbar spine. For the DME, Xback braces provide an easier to fit alternative to serve their patients and an economical boost to their business bottom line.
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Why do doctors recommend Xback Braces?

Bracing can be an effective, non-invasive alternative to pharmacological treatments to relieve pain and facilitate healing and rehabilitation. Bracing is an economical conservative first approach to addressing back pain and many common back conditions. Bracing is comfortable to wear, improving patient compliance resulting in better patient outcomes.
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Hear what people are saying about Xback Braces

  • We have rarely had to do more than one fitting on a patient. They're much easier to use than any other brace we've encountered, and patients are always very satisfied with them.
    – Jennifer, Inventory Manager, Joint Technology

  • What really sets these braces apart is the fact that they seem to move with the patient. The brace always stays in contact with the body, but patients still feel like they have some freedom of movement.
    – Douglas S. Tase, MD, FAAOS, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

  • When my doctor said I needed a back brace, all I could imagine was how hot and confining that would be. But I was surprised. It was light, easy to put on, adjustable to my size and didn't make me completely immobilized...
    – Lori, Owner on an ProLift TLSO™

  • When my supplier told me they wanted me to try a new brace, I was skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised after trying it on. It was light and easy to put on and neither hot nor confining.
    – John Stelmach, MD, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon

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